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Yearly Budget & Finances

Budgets are a form of prayer: a sacred trust to steward our resources for the blessing God calls us to be. Budgets at Union Church are money with a mission. They are people with a passion for service. They are a tangible way we put our faith forward and make love visible in staff, programs, outreach, and service.

Proposed budgets are developed each fall and adopted by a vote of the membership at the December financial meeting. Both summary and detailed budgets are available for review along with supporting documents.

2017 Explanation, Condensed Proposed Budget, & Budget Policy


2017 Full Proposed Budget



Latest Faith Development Board Highlights


    We Remember…


    Today marks the one year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub mass murder in Orlando, Florida.

    News cycles have moved on, but for the families of the victims, including the shooter, the pain of this tragedy rolls unabated.

    Union Church is lifting special prayers of consolation for all those still painfully held in the grip of that night, and for all the too many places where gun violence steals more than life. So we send also to God prayers for resistance and persistence: that all people may resist the despair and terror; that all may resist the culture of violence and of unconsidered laws that fail to protect the people. May God grant us persistence in the pursuit of those restraints that will keep the violent from being armed to kill, and may God keep all the children of all the parents in all the world safe at last. We ask this in the hope and faith of the one who led us through death to life, and who call us to lives of caring in action.

    We remember. And we strive for a better world in God’s name. 



    Peace Village Summer 2017


    Several churches and community groups in Berea are working on a summer 2017 community peace camp using the national Peace Village curriculum for children ages 6-13. The Steering Committee seeks a Camp Director to work with community partners to plan and run the camp. Helpful skills are organization, ability to recruit and supervise staff, and productively respond to problem solving opportunities. The Camp Director will be a contractor and receive a small stipend. Interested persons can send a resume and references to Kim Kobersmith via email at kimk@union-church.org. Deadline for application is December 18.


    Prayers and Actions for the Week: October 17, 2016


    This week we joined thousands of other churches, synagogues, mosques and temples in celebrating International Children’s Sabbath: giving thanks for children and youth, and pledging ourselves to their wellbeing and fair treatment.

    In Church the children helped Rev. Kent tell the story of the widow who knocked and knocked and knocked on the unjust judge’s door until he finally gave what was right. We need people of promise and persistence to keep knocking everyday to help others get what is just and fair. So this week there are both prayers of the heart to say, and “prayers in action” that we can take as a way of putting faith into deed.

    Children’s Sabbath is the inspiration of Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund. Here is the prayer offered in worship written by her:

    O God, help us to recover our hope for our Children’s sake.
    Help us recover our courage for our Children’s sake.
    Help us recover our discipline for our Children’s sake.
    Help us recover our ability to work together for our Children’s sake.
    Help us recover our values for our Children’s sake.
    Help us recover our faith for our Children’s sake.

    The 2016 National Observance of Children’s Sabbaths® Celebration, “Children of Promise: Closing Opportunity Gaps” is a focus on closing opportunity gaps due to poverty and lack of access to high-quality early childhood development and a high-quality education so that every child can reach their God-given potential. For that to happen, we as people of faith need to stand tall within our communities and push our nation to keep our promises of love and justice, equality and dignity for all.  Here’s some facts and some ways you can make a prayer with your actions:

    • How about making one day a week a day to phone call or email a legislator or public official encouraging them, and asking them  (over and over) to craft law and policy in the best interest of children? It can be as easy as breathing, and as regular. (Remember that God would write a covenant on our hearts, so it would be as integral as living!): you could ask what they are doing to ensure no child is hungry  or without shelter? Or Ask if they will support the UN convention on the rights of the Child (we’re the ONLY COUNTRY not to ratify it. Really?)
    • Check at your work: does your busisness offer parental leave? Time off for sick family members? Could you explore how some implementation might be possible?
    • Give some extra love and support to a local teacher: they are the front line on children’s hardships. They need help so they can be help!
    • Support children who are not your own. This is critical and practical. Children who are not our own will be supporting us with their work, taxes, and community participation. Your generous and loving support is a prayer for the right ordering of all our lives.
    • Get Educated! The Children’s Defense Fund is the perfect place to start. Here are some notes from them on Children and Poverty:  
      • America’s child poverty rate is one of the highest among industrialized nations.
      • Child poverty creates gaps in cognitive skills.
      • Child hunger jeopardizes children’s health and ability to learn.
      • Child poverty fuels the intergenerational cycle of poverty.
      • For more information: Poverty Report
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