Why Men Should March Saturday: An Open Letter from Rev. Kent

To Men of the Church:

The much-noted Women’s March set for Washington, D.C. takes place this Saturday. As of this writing there are now sister-marches planned in over 600 cities, world-wide, including Lexington, Kentucky. I, and many other men from our congregation are going to these marches. Here is why I think you should consider joining.

  1. Because This March is about Women. Male support for the dignity and worth of our colleagues, our teachers, our spouses and companions, let alone our daughters, sisters and mothers, is CRITICAL in a 12-month period where the highest ranking public official has condoned groping, verbally and physically assaulting, insulting, and demeaning women. This is not honorable behavior. It is not the behavior of men following a spiritual path. This is not the message any true man would choose to send or condone. We should show up in large numbers to show solidarity for all women and demonstrate that men of worth will never condone mistreatment of this kind. Bullies, angry weak men, and those seeking to elevate themselves by belittling others should not be the only male representatives on the national stage, and women deserve everyday allies who are visible and vocal in their support.
  1. This March Is not Just About Women. I am also marching because those who disrespect others almost never limit their ignorance and poor conduct to just one group. This year has seen unprecedented national tolerance (even celebration) of verbal and physical assault on persons of color, on people born in a foreign country, on persons who are gay or lesbian, transsexual, or consider themselves somewhere in-between. Persons who can’t move around without the aid of a wheelchair or cane, people who have mental difficulties, or who have been injured have also been derided and ridiculed by the president-elect, who by his actions has emboldened others to do the same.  In the way that violence begets violence and faction begets faction, a temptation exists to think we all stand alone. We do not. Men who show up for the rights and dignity of women also stand for the rights and dignity of all men: black and white and blue and red. Men of faith and honor stand up for due, fair, and legal processes of justice, enacted without fear or favor. We all know there is precious little of that going around, so it’s important that those who have benefited most (white men, I’m looking at us) show up to throw a sandbag or two on the levee of reason and fairness for all. demonstration, flag, man
  1. Because God is a God of Hope, and Visible Hope Changes History. We never know when the tide of history will turn, or upon what axis, but God has more than once used inspiration and determination of a limited number to sway and break the rod of oppressors. A strong witness to evil and injustice is often enough to blunt the cutting edge, even deflect a blow. Too many in powerful positions after recent elections are feeling the oats of their power and that there is some mandate for rich, white, men to do whatever they want. It may take the visible witness and resistance of more and more reasonable men standing together to catch their attention. This is regrettable and a sad commentary on the ignorance and small-mindedness of those who have come to power on this current tide. Nevertheless, it matters that men of privilege and anyone who knows how interdependent our fates have become join with any and all to make it clear that we will not by silence give tacitcrucifix, christ, crucifixion consent to ungodly, uncharitable, and unjust treatment of anyone by anyone. Jesus stood up for women; Jesus did not criminalize the poor; Jesus aided the lame; Jesus stood in the path of stupid attempts to prevent lo ve; Jesus sacrificed his privilege for the sake of others. I’d like us to follow Jesus.

 Carpools for the Lexington March will gather at the Berea Artisan’s Center at 11am on Saturday, January 21. I urge the men of this church and every church to rise and deliver the message that we stand against the tide of deliberate derision and with our sisters seeking a land infused with liberty and justice for all.



Please feel free to share this letter via your network. It may be encouragement to others in your network.


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  1. by Jill England

    On January 19, 2017


    It is not my nature to be confrontational, but I just can’t understand how you, as a pastor could promote this woman’s march. The poster, with a big fist was the first thing that hit me in the face.

    Why would anyone, who claims to be a Christian, promote the right to kill a baby? We are all made in God’s image, even those sweet little innocent babies in the womb. Do you not understand that abortion is murder?! They say they march for the right of everyone. That’s a lie! They are not fighting for the right of these innocent people who have no voice.

    Instead of promoting black lives matter, promote this. . . ALL lives matter. God loves us all and doesn’t want any to perish. Shouldn’t the spread of the gospel, the good news be coming from the church? Sadly, all I see come from Berea is division and hate. You are in a unique role, as pastor, to promote unification of our split, broken, hurting nation. A house divided will fall, just look at the history of other fallen nations.

    I’ve been listening to Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech and he had a dream that we would all stand together hand in hand. He didn’t come out with black lives matter, he had a love for all people. He didn’t incite acts of violence, he promoted peace. Promote one people, not all these splits based on skin color. We are all people. I never understood why there is a Black Student union and a Black Ensemble, why the division?

    As far as President elect Trump, this man has not even taken office and people are on the attack. Maybe you don’t realize it, but God’s word tells us (Romans 13:1) that “the powers that be are ordained of God.” Whoever resists the power, resists the ordinance of God. Maybe you don’t realize it, but Mr. Trump made a public apology on video for the foolish things he said, in 2005, Oct. 8th 2016. God says to forgive. He also tells us to pray for our leaders: 1 Tim 2:1-2. If our pastors don’t lead our churches in promoting peace, what hope do we have? I would think a better use of time and energy would be to lead and encourage the church to fast and pray for peace, for solidarity for righteousness, Godliness, pray for our nation. Our church did this and the it was wonderful!! Putting our focus on God gives us hope. All I hear from my frenzied, liberal friends and family is hopelessness, fear, anger and hatred. Hope is not found in man, only in God. Don’t fuel the fire, lead them to the feet of the Father, through His son Jesus. We struggle not against flesh and blood. . . Ephesians 6:12. This is a spiritual battle. Spiritual battles are fought in prayer and fasting, not by inciting an angry, hateful mob.

    I have a brother who says he is gay. According to God’s word, unless he repents and makes Jesus savior and Lord of his life, he will burn for eternity ( never ending) separated from God in hell. I can’t bear the thought of that. I love him, but there are churches and pastors who are lying to him, telling him that the gay lifestyle is fine and good. That’s a lie! According to the Bible, it’s an abomination. Most would call me homophobic. That would be an unfair assessment, I’m not. I’m still trying to understand, how it would be ok for me to love my husband when it would be an abomination for a person to love the same sex in that way. It seems unfair, and I think I would be angry at God and hurt. I do think about it a lot. All I know is God’s ways and thoughts are higher, that sin is in the world, that He as our creator knows what’s best and wants the best for His creation and the bottom line is, I trust Him and do my best to stay sensitive to the Spirit and obey, even when it’s hard. I want my brother, in heaven with me. If you truly love people who struggle with homosexuality, please, tell them the truth and help them, love them, embrace their struggle, don’t celebrate their sin. It’s nothing but a set up to eternity in hell. That’s not love. It breaks my heart.

    I’m not officially a Bible scholar, but I read and study it daily, asking the Holy Spirit to guide me in all truth. Thankfully, he promises to do just that in John 16:13. I got saved when I was 14. Throughout my life I have let go of Him, but praise be to God, he never let go of me. We have all sinned and come short of the the glory of God, but he forgives when we truly repent (turn away from our sins) of which I am guilty of many.

    Ezekiel 3:16-21 makes it pretty clear that we are to warn the wicked and righteous or their blood will be on our heads. I have that marked in all caps in my Bible. That’s what has lead to this letter. Please Kent, I’m just asking you to take some real time in your prayer closet, with God’s word in hand and seek His face in this and in the message of Union church. Are you really preaching the truth? Teachers and preachers will be held to a higher accountability. Search your heart, really think about your motives. Please don’t be the church of Laodicea. There are a lot of kids there at Berea who need to know the truth, not the lies of this world who is ruled by the prince of the air, Satan. The cost is too great! Consider, for yourself Matthew 18:6.

    Life is just a vapor, please Kent, finish well. Don’t lead the masses which includes my niece Katie Basham, her husband Tony, and their sweet little boy Henry, with false teaching. Wouldn’t it be a sickening shame to stand before Him, and see all those who say to Him, Lord, Lord, thinking they are saved, for Him to say I never knew you? I can think of nothing worse. Life here is such a struggle, let Him find us doing the work of the Father, not the work of the devil.

    In truth and love,

    Jill England

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