O Lord, How Long? Prayers for Victims of the Las Vegas Shooting

Our hearts break this morning to learn of the deaths and serious injuries from the shooting in Las Vegas. This is now the largest mass killing in modern times in our country and again with anguish we lift our hearts to God and ask for comfort and strength for all who mourn. We pray that healing will come to those injured in body, and also to those now traumatized with wounds invisible to the eye, but just as destructive to the soul.

We are not given to know why this shooter decided to exercise his pain and anger by killing and maiming. We wonder over and over again how access to these kinds of weapons was possible and what can be done to keep them out of the hands of those who are unstable and malicious. For these victims and for the victims of the thousands of other shootings that have happened just this year, we pray to be agents of transformation for this world, for these hearts. 

“How long, O Lord, must your people suffer at the hands of the violent, and by those who do too little to impede them? Grant solace to the families of those weeping and strength enough to rise from the ashes and blood. Help us all rise above vengeance and hate, above our personal demons, that we may hold only the well-being of all your creation in our hearts and minds. We come to you, Lord. We are desperate for your help to stop the violence. May your blessed kin-dom reign, where all may sit beneath their vine and fig tree in safety, in peace. This we pray in Christ’s name: Amen.”

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