Legislative Alerts for People of Faith!

The Kentucky Council of Churches closely monitors both state and national legislation that impacts area of concern to persons of faith: Children’s education, health care, immoral military spending, criminal justice bills, and more are all part of caring for God’s people. Getting alerts is easy. You can sign up at https://kycouncilofchurches.salsalabs.org/legislativealerts/index.html.

If legislators don’t hear from caring, thoughtful people of faith, the only voices they do hear are unchallenged. Each letter, call, and contact can make a difference! Want to leave a message for you KY state representative or Senator? 1-800-372-7181 is your key! You just call, tell them where you are from or who you’d like to leave a message for. You can leave the message for multiple leaders like “both my representatives,” or “all republican leadership” or “members of the Senate Judiciary committee.” Each Legislative alert will give you information so you can express your thoughts clearly. Thanks for making a difference!

P.S.: Want to track bills? Two websites can help: Bill Tracker from KFTC is a great free way to see what’s going on and what needs done! http://kftc.org/bill-tracker

www.Legiscan.com is a similar program that has both paid and free options and also can track US House and Senate bills, as well as Kentucky. There are apps for both android and iphone for each. Kentucky Council of Churches Prayer in Action at the Kentucky State Capitol, Frankfort, Tuesdays, 9:30 am

  • We are Catholics and Protestants Working for a Better Kentucky.
  • We are Black, White, Hispanic and Asian Churches, Working Together.
  • We are from Big Cathedrals and Small Mountain Churches Living Our Faith.
  • We are the Kentucky Council of Churches, Praying In Action by Informing, Educating, Advocating.


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