January 7, 2018, Worship Bulletin, Prayer Concerns, Announcements

Gathering in Worship Offered by the People of the Church of Christ, Union

Epiphany Sunday & the Baptism of Jesus

January 7, 2018  10:30 am 


I suppose when we take on January 1 the world will look the same.  But there is a reminder of the Resurrection at the start of each new year, each new decade.  That’s why I also like sunrises, Mondays, and new seasons.  God seems to be saying, “With me you can always start fresh.”        —Ada Lum

From there to Here

Welcome & Announcements

Welcome to this service of worship!  During the service, you are invited to rise in body or in spirit, standing or sitting, at points in the service marked ”.

Please sign in using the pew folder, passing it back down the row so all can greet one another by name, and place the sheet in an offering plate. We’re glad you’re here!

Prelude Prelude in Classic Style Gordon Young

¨  Call to Worship

One: People of God, Arise, for the glory of God is shining on us. Though shadows abound, lift up your eyes and behold the brightness of God’s presence.

All: Arise and shine for our light has come!

¨  Opening Hymn #164 Arise, Your Light Is Come Festal Song

¨  Prayer of Approach and Confession

All: O Shining Light, we give thanks for the light of this new day and of this new year.

One: We seek the star of eternal love, and pray to follow the light of justice and peace as we travel. We long to lay aside the failures and fractures of our past.

All: We confess that we have walked errantly, sought that which we knew would not satisfy, and have misused our gifts in ways that have hurt, rather than healed others.

One: We would turn now, and follow the Light. We pray your help to both forgive and be forgiven that we may walk forward in joy. Like the wise ones of old, help us seek until we find where Christ is laid in our world, in our ways, and in our hearts. 

¨ Words of Assurance

¨  Passing the Peace of Christ

All who come to this sanctuary are welcome companions on this day! You are invited to turn to those nearest you and greet them with words of peace and joy. 

The Living Word among us

Musical Meditation Aria on “Bist du bei mir” J.S. Bach

Mallory Lakes, Trombone

Hebrew Scripture Lesson Isaiah 60:1-6 (p. 877)

Children’s Moment                                as the children return to their seats we sing:

May God’s presence guard, protect and guide you.  God bless you, God bless you. Our savior’s loving arms be ever ’round you. God bless you, God bless you.  

Gospel Lesson Matthew 2:1-12 (p.1138) 

Sermon Rising to the Light Rev. Kent Gilbert

GIfts Given for Love to Flow

Our gifts help sustain this particular community of caring by sustaining the building, pastors and staff, and all the materials that make our ministry of healing, justice, and teaching available to all in need. In addition, a good portion of our contributions flows out to aid to those in need via many external agencies.

This can now be done online or by text to 859-448-3403 (Example: Text “$50.00 Offering” to contribute to the ongoing ministries, or add “youth,” or “missions” or designation of your choice to benefit one in particular.

Your contribution is love made visible. Thank you!

 Offertory        Festive Proclamation Jason W. King

¨  Doxology  To God all glorious heavenly light; Old Hundredth

To Christ revealed in earthly night; To God the spirit now we raise our grateful hymn of thankful praise. Amen.  

Being and Becoming One

¨  Invitation to Communion

One:      God be with you.

All:       And also with you.

One:      Lift up your hearts.

All:       We lift our hearts in prayer.

One: Let us give thanks to God.

All: It is good to give God thanks and praise.

Ringing of the Peace Bell

The Union Church Peace Bell was created by Jeff Enge in honor of Union Church member Carl Eschbach (1904-1998).  A twin bell hangs in Berea’s sister province in Japan and is also rung in the hope of peace for all nations.

Silent Prayers and Prayers of the Community

In the silence each person is invited to “cast forward” a prayer into the new year. What blessing might you particularly like to note and attend to? Is there a theme for this coming year you hope to live into? What fears do you bring, and what light would make them easier to bear? What gifts do you bring with you from the past? What will you offer as you seek the rising star?

Communion Prayer

One: Gracious God, who quickens the faith that brought Magi from the east, who kindles the hope that brought captives from exile, and who inspires the love that brings strangers together, we thank you for the light that guided those searching for the truth. We thank you for sending prophets and teachers, angels and magi to lead us into the way of salvation.

One: We praise you for the light that shines through time and history; for leading us year to changing year by the bright morning star, Jesus Christ. We sing praises as we begin this new year of your call and promise.

 Sanctus  Please Join in Singing

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might, heaven and earth are full of your glory.  Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest, hosanna in the highest.

Words of Institution

One: Holy one, you who are in every gathering where joy is spread and hope is kindled, you were present when the wise arrived with gifts for sharing. We remember the bread of journeys and the wine of new discoveries. Later in his life, on the precipice of new beginnings and dangerous dealings, we remember that Jesus took bread and, when he had given thanks, he broke it among those gathered and said,

All: “This is my body which is broken for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”

One: Not just the daily bread, but also the cup of celebration is passed to us: new life, flowing like joy, and looking like company. Amongst those same friends, he took a cup, and giving thanks, said,

All: “This cup is a new covenant of my life and blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.”

One: For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord until he comes.

One: Gracious God, by this meal we recall Jesus’ birth, his ministry to all on the margins, and his promise of eternal life and light.  Send your Holy Spirit upon us and upon this bread and cup, that we who eat and drink at this holy table may share the life of Christ, our Lord.

Serving One Another

All who seek the love of God are welcome at this meal and are invited to freely receive from it.  We will share the elements today by intinction, dipping the bread in the cup. When invited please come to one of the stations by exiting your pew to the left and returning by the right. If it is not convenient to come forward, the elements can be brought to your seat by signaling to the usher. All the bread is gluten-free, and the chalices are filled with non-alcoholic grape juice. If it is not your tradition to receive, you are invited to join in prayers for the unity of the Spirit and all people, within your tradition.

Blessing for Those Who Will Receive at Home

Members who have been designated to carry communion to those who could not be with us this morning are invited forward at this time. The elements from our meal will go with our blessing and prayers for our continued unity in the Spirit. If you would like serve by taking communion to others, you are very welcome to do so and are invited to volunteer.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

All: In your service we arise and shine, O Lord of light and truth.  We thank you for this meal together. In all that we seek, in all that we share, may the star of your Christ be our guide.

One: As we renew our vows and follow the light of your life, cleanse and heal us, and set our feet on new paths to justice and joy.

All:       God blesses; we respond with our lives.

One:      Receive this water, gift of God, and hear for yourself how God names you: Beloved.

All:       By the waters of baptismal grace we promise to love and serve God by following the Christ.

We pray to boldly and creatively embody the life and ministry of Jesus as we commit ourselves to work and fellowship that makes the radical and inclusive love of God, the beloved community proclaimed by Jesus, and the continuing inspiration of the Holy Spirit visible and real to all.

From Here to There

¨  Closing Hymn #163 Many Are the Lightbeams Lightbeams

Today, with many other Christians, we celebrate a renewal of our Baptismal Vows with words and water. During this hymn a branch from a Christmas tree will be used to sprinkle water over the congregation. Like the rain, the grace of God falls on all people, baptized and unbaptized alike. We invite all who will to join in prayers for grace and wholeness, and all who will to recommit to service in the way of Jesus. All God’s children are beloved.

¨ Benediction & Sending Forth

Postlude (please be seated) Trumpet Voluntary in G David Lasky

Especially in our prayers

Each week we join millions of Christians who pray for one another through the ecumenical prayer cycle and, locally, the Berea Ministerial Association’s prayer cycle.  Let us hold the people of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine and our brothers and sisters at Calvary Apostolic Church in our hearts, and pray for them.

Please hold these concerns in your prayers, today and throughout the week. Prayer requests to be printed may be sent to the office anytime before 10:00 am Fridays.

¨ Our church family members in nursing homes, or who are homebound:  Ruth Butwell, Edith Hansen, Nancy Hindman, Mary Miller, Alva Peloquin, Gloria VanWinkle.

¨ Jackie Perman, mother of Kelly Madden and grandmother to Cadence and Colin Perman and William and Brian Madden, who is now HOME after a long illness.

¨ Neighbors and friends in fear of ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) raids in our area, and for DACA students and their families. May we all strive for a safe and respectful path forward to be good neighbors.

¨ Dan Rohrer, who is suffering from a severe liver disorder.

¨ Teri VanPelt, recovering from knee replacement surgery at home.

¨ Anthony Smallwood, in the loss of his sister.

¨ Dick Drake and the Drake extended family in the death of Joey, his daughter Margie’s husband. Joey passed away December 28th from cancer.

¨ Loyal Jones, who has moved to rehabilitation at Cardinal Hill and who is scheduled to return home soon! Loyal celebrated his 90th birthday on Friday!

¨ Judith Singleton, recovering from her recent illness, and for her daughter, Stephanie, undergoing a difficult immunotherapy for her Multiple Sclerosis in New Mexico.

¨ Hazel Morris’ cousin, Bill, diagnosed with bladder cancer in Florida.

¨ Travel mercies for those who must make their way in inclement weather.

¨ Travel mercies for Rev. Rachel as she returns from study leave.

¨ BJ Godby, recovering from ankle surgery at home.

¨ For the many who are down with flu or colds!


You Matter! Please Sign the Register, Check in on Facebook/Twitter and try a nametag! It’s hard to get to know people elsewhere, but we don’t want it that way at church.  Let’s all try to get to know each other better.

Join the church next week! Union Church is a vital and growing family of faith, a home to those committed to the way of Christ’s sacrificial love and service. All who feel led to join will be received in joy! New members are received every second Sunday of a month. YOU are welcome here!

Christmas Eve Offerings: A Light In the Darkness. 100% of our Christmas Eve offerings (5pm and 11pm services) are donated to Berea Faith Community Outreach to fund programs like the Food Bank, Bereans United for Utility and Rent Relief (BUURR), and support for homeless members of our community. Thanks to your generosity, a total of $2255.00 will soon be helping those most in need!

Nurture & Care Board will meet right after worship.

Poinsettias! Thanks to all who contributed to make our worship space come alive with color for the season. The plants are now ready to be taken home. Those left here will be relocated or donated.

De-decorating after church today! It’s time to stow our Christmas finery away for another year. Any who can help are invited to stay after service to lend a hand. And if you have an artificial tree at home you won’t use again & would like to donate, we can use it here at church!

Early Church Council Meeting, TOMORROW, 7pm! Don’t forget that Church Council moved their meeting to tomorrow night in order to avoid meeting on the holiday. See you there!

Rev. Rachel on Study Leave… Rev. Rachel sends her love from Arizona where she is attending the third of three annual gatherings for up and coming church pastors. She returns to the office on Thursday, January 11.

Home Energy Workshop at Union Church January 9, 6:30—8:30 pm in the Community Room, conducted by Bluegrass Greensource. Childcare for kids 4 and up provided, a light supper provided. Join us for free workshops to learn simple, energy-saving tips that will save you money and make your home more comfortable this winter. This hands-on workshop will give you the skills you need to protect your home against high energy bills. No charge, but please register at www.BgGreensource.org.

Birthday lunch for Hattie Parks! January 14th, come to the Community Room after worship for a light lunch and birthday cake to wish Hattie Parks a happy 95th birthday!  All are welcome – and be sure to sign her birthday card.

Next week’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Commemoration events to be announced. We’ll let you know!

Bloodmobile January 16! Community Room, 11-5.



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