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Rachel Small Stokes, Associate Pastor

Welcome and hello!

I have been the Associate Pastor at Union Church since September of 2012, and so far it’s been a great adventure!

My full title is Associate Pastor for Faith Development and Community Life and Growth, so I’m your go-to person for things dealing with social activities, small groups, experiences that deepen faith, education, outreach to our wider community. I also work closely with Rev. Kent on worship, preaching, and pastoral care of those who are sick or homebound.

One thing I love most about ministry is just getting to know people — I’m always up for gathering over a meal, taking a walk, or chatting with tea.  The church is made of beautiful, fallible, aching and joyous people, and I love to learn and grow in the midst of all that humanity.  When this means getting to walk with people through pivotal moments in their lives, such as weddings, baptisms, funerals, and times of illness, I am so honored to be part of that process.

Nearly everything I do in ministry is shaped by a deep belief that we are all created of God, who is the source of love and goodness in our lives.  I believe heartily in the power of grace to meet us in the dark places of our lives, lift us out, and lead us to others with whom we can share our experiences.

If you have ideas about ways in which we can share or deepen our faith in the exuberant and ever-surprising God of love, come talk with me.  As our mission statement says, we are seeking to “boldly and creatively embody the life and ministry of Jesus.” Let’s make it happen.

Thanks for visiting.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

With blessings,

Rev. Rachel

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