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Kent Gilbert, Lead Pastor


Welcome to our website! Even if this is your first visit here, I hope you’ve gotten a glimpse of who we are and what we value. Union Church is a diverse, active, and caring Christian community and I feel so fortunate to be a partner in the ministry here!

As an intentionally ecumenical congregation since 1853, Union Church pastors have been drawn from a number of mostly “main-line” protestant traditions.  I was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1991 and have been pastor here since 1997.

As pastor, I join with the whole congregation to help us all seek well and live faithfully.  I play many roles here, including the opportunity to help others by offering care to individuals and families, organizational support to teams and ministries, and prayer, study, and spiritual discernment for all.

I also get to help individuals plan and symbolize important events like weddings, baptismal blessings, adoption ceremonies, and memorial services to honor someone who has died. Sometimes, though, you might just need a caring ear to sort through whatever you are confronting. You can always do that with me in a confidential and compassionate atmosphere.

Rev. Kent

Theologically, I’m deeply steeped in the open, seeking, and liberating traditions of progressive Christianity. I participated very closely with the congregation as we sought to write our own Union Church Mission Statement, and it very much speaks of what is important in my Christian outlook. I’ve found that the life of the Spirit is not generic, and neither are our human needs. As pastor I hope to help each person be closely in touch with God and the call that God may have on your life. While the pastors in a church are only a part of the ministry shared by all, often we know where to look for the resource you might need. In both trial and rejoicing, good times and bad, we stand with each other and seek light for the path. I hope you will feel very welcome in this community, and very welcome to call on any of us here if you have a need, question, joy or concern.


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