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The “Consider” Newsletter Archive

Each month news and events of Union Church are shared with church members and friends with our newsletter the “Consider.” You can read each month’s offering by clicking on the links below.  If you have news of the church family, please use the form below to share your information!

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2017 November

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2017 April

2017 March

2017 Feb. paper

2017 January Consider

2016 Dec Consider




2016 August Consider

2016 July Consider

2016 June Consider

2016 May Consider

2016 April Consider

2016 March Consider

2016 February Consider

2016 January Consider

2015 December Consider

2015 November Consider

2015 October Consider

2015 September Consider

2015 August Consider

2015 July Consider

2015 June Consider

2015 May Consider

2015 April Consider

2015 March Consider

2015 February Consider

2015 January Consider

2014 December Consider

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2014 October Consider

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2014 February Consider

2014 January Consider

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December 2012 Consider

2012 Nov. Consider

Oct. 2012 Consider

2012 Sept. Consider

August 2012 Consider

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June 2012 Consider

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April 2012 Consider

March 2012 Consider

February 2012 Consider

January 2012 Consider


News of the Family

We would love to hear from you with news of our local and extended church family. Submissions may be edited for length, and as always, please be sure that you have permission from anyone mentioned to post their information! The Consider deadline is the 3rd Tuesday of the preceding month. Bulletin Announcements must be received each Friday by 9:00am. Many Thanks!
  • We'll email you a confirmation that we got your submission and if we have any questions about your submission.
  • In a few sentences let us know the WHO, the WHAT, the WHEN so we can share it with the church family.
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